Saturday, September 5, 2015

Big Ethan Turns 5

Ethan turned 5 on August 24th.

His birthday is always funny to me because he is the one child that I always feel like grows up faster than the rest.  

Because of his late birthday, he is the youngest in his class.

He is going into kindergarten this year - and everyone else is already 5.

At his birthday I just feel like he already "acts" this new age - but the date is just finally catching up.

Anywho . . . 

We partied hard (as usual) to celebrate our boy.

We always supply our children with a balloon bath on the morning of their actual b-day. 

They are always so excited to wake up and be celebrated.

Ethan comes into our bed in the middle of the night usually 2-3 times a week.

The night before his birthday he told me that even if he woke up he would not be coming to sleep with me because then he would miss his balloon bath.


He had a great day that ended with McDonalds for dinner and a candle in some frozen yogurt for dessert.

His choice.

Our Ethan is such a ham.

He loves to make funny faces in every. single. picture. we take.

He is quite the ladies man.

He loves super heroes.

He loves to eat - even sometimes falls asleep with food in his mouth.

Still adores his brother.

Dearest Ethan,
     You are growing so fast.  I have really enjoyed the last year with you.  You have matured in so may ways, and it has been so fun to watch the Lord mold you.  You went to Pre-K at NorthBay Christian Academy this year, and it was such a great experience for you.  Mrs. Sica was the perfect teacher for you and your little class of 5 students.  You learned so much academically, but you also grew tremendously in your social and behavioral skills.  At the end of the year program you received the "Passion for God" award.  Such a proud moment for your dad and I.  You love the Bible and are always excited to go to church and learn more.  
     You have really grown in your relationship with Lexi, as well, this year.  I think she is finally old enough to play with you as an equal, and you are eating it up.  You guys love to play legos and cars and kitchen and a host of other toy games.  You both really enjoy drawing, which your brother never really loved.  You enjoy having someone to color with on the porch almost everyday.  I have loved watching your relationship with your sister blossom.  I love knowing that you will always be her protector and her friend.  George is still your idol.  You love to follow him around in anything and everything he is doing.  I am hoping this carries into homeschooling this year:).  I hope you follow in his footsteps of learning to read and being an obedient student to your teacher and mom.  You are also still a mama's boy, and I am eating this up as long as possible.  I know you want always want to sit with me on the couch in the morning and just cuddle.  
     There are so many things I could say about you, Ethan.  You are our comedian.  You are our cuddliest child.  You our the one who likes things the neatest and the biggest helper when cleaning up.  I love to watch you write with your left hand.  I love to watch you be creative.  I love that you still love your "blankie."  I love that you absolutely have a mind of your own.  I love your perfect, Beiber hair.  I love to watch you dance with absolutely no inhibitions.  I just love you.  I can't imagine our family without you.  You bring so much joy and so much fun to our lives.  Jesus was so good to us with the gift of you.  I hope and pray that we can guide you in loving Him and bringing Him glory in all you say and do throughout the life He has given you.  You are so special to us, sweet boy.
                                                                                                       I love you, my determined one,