Sunday, May 19, 2013

The move

We got a house.

A house that far exceeded any and all expectations.
Isn't that just like God?
This morning at church the sermon was on Romans 8:28.
"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose."
What a verse!
What a promise!
I love God - therefore He is working on my behalf to use all the things in my life for my good.
Not my ruin.
My good.
And if our living situation isn't proof of that then I don't know what is.
There we were on the farm.
Living day by day in quite small quarters.
Hoping and praying for a place.
We started looking at apartments because we knew we had to rent.
We still own our house in Largo that my sister is renting from us, so buying here is out.
Our budget was low, and the things we found were not in the greatest areas or just not containing the things we needed for the kids.
I had started going to a Bible study in January at the church we are attending.
I was sharing in my group about our situation and asking for prayer.
A lady in the group has a daughter in my husband's class, and she began telling me that they were trying to sell their house.
They built it ten years ago and had four kids since then, so they wanted to upsize a bit.
They had actually already bought something new and were moved in, so they were looking to sell quick.
I told her we weren't in a position to buy, but would they be willing to rent.
She said she would talk to her husband because they already had it on the market to sell.
Once she got back to me she said he was totally willing to rent.
We came over to check the place out asap, and it was more than perfect.
Four bedrooms, an area for a playroom, two walk-in closets in the master (Tim is so glad he doesn't have to share with me), a great back porch . . . the list goes on and on.
We moved in as quick as we could.
The real twist is that we will be moving again in a year.
That is another story for another day, but I have already told my husband that I wish I could pick this house up and take it with us.
It is that perfect for us.
It isn't a mansion or anything, but it is such a great fit for our little family of 5.
We are so comfortable.
And after a year of cramming and never having enough space, it is nice to spread out.
God is taking care of us.
I need to remember this truth next year around this time when we will be on the search again.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The big 6

My firstborn is 6.
We tried to keep him 5, but it didn't work.
Tim told him we were going to put a pill in his drink the night before his birthday to keep him from growing up.
He was nervous that could actually happen.
It was super cute.
But despite our best efforts, he is another year older.
He woke up to a balloon bath.

Daddy gave him waffles and ice cream for breakfast.

Presents before school.
For another insight to this kid's brain . . .
He wanted a "Presidents" theme for his birthday.
I asked him if he was sure he didn't want super heroes or ninja turtles or something a little more 6 year old boy, but he was positive that this is what he wanted.
So we went with it, and he loved every minute.

This little boy has completely stolen my heart.
He is kind and generous and an all around joy to be around.
His teacher has told me on many occasions that her perfect class would be full of Georges.
Our family would not be what it is without his life.
I love you, George, and I can't wait to watch all that God has in store for your special life.
You are one of a kind, and we are so blessed that you have been given to us.
My first born.
The one who made me a mom.
You are an incredible delight.

Playin' some b-ball outside of the school

We finally put George in an organized sport this Spring.
We have been talking about doing soccer forever but could never find the right fit and schedule for our family.
Upward basketball opened up at the gym where he goes to school, so we decided to jump in.
It was great.
George really enjoyed himself and learned a lot.

It is amazing to watch your kids grow and soar.
I really didn't know how he would do when we signed him up.
Basketball can be an aggressive sport, and I don't see George as an aggressive kid.
But he definitely held his own.
Actually, he more than held his own.
He was rebounding left and right.
Hustling down the court whenever he had the chance.
Shooting basket after basket and making them.
I was so impressed with his determination and focus.
I love this little guy so much and feel more blessed everyday to be his momma.

Easter Day

Our Easter day began with a photo shoot.
And it did not go well.

I bought the kids these adorable matching outfits, so I really wanted a good picture in them before we got all dirty.
Obviously, it wasn't happening.
So off we went to church.
After church we had lunch at the barn with the family who owns the property.
My family came over to celebrate with us.

And we got a good picture of the kids.
So all was well for me.
After we ate lunch we planned to meet some friends out at the beach for sunset.
We ended up missing them, but still had a great time with the kids playing on the beach.
They had a second Easter egg hunt while we were there.

It was a wonderful way to end Resurrection Sunday.
So thankful for all the resurrection means to me.