Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas is behind us . . .

Well, we officially "survived" Christmas 2009. We went to my husband's parents house in Coconut Creek (south Florida) on December 23rd. We were there with his parents, his sister, her husband and three kids, and then Tim, George, and I. It was a fun time, especially for the kids. There were TONS of presents under the tree, and we sang "Happy Birthday, Jesus" on Christmas Day. All in all, a successful trip was had. The day after Christmas we got in the car (at six am, mind you) and drove to North Carolina for another week long vacation. Here we are now . . . we have been in NC for 5 days now. There is snow everywhere!!!! It is crazy, and it may snow tonight. We have only had two major injuries (that included hospital visits) so far, and with a group of nineteen people, I guess that isn't too bad:) We actually got to take George sledding for about an hour before the police came and kicked us off the hill we were on because the owners didn't want us using it . . . don't worry, though, we weren't the only ones breaking the law on that hill. We will be here through New Year's and then it is back to real life. It is kind of weird to think about going back to real life in just a few days. I feel like I literally have been planning for this Christmas and trip for months and months. The planning, packing, wrapping, writing lists, buying presents, and so on and so forth took so long, and the actual living it out seemed to slip by in just a few short days. I know I have this feeling every year, but it still seems so strong every year. Since I am a teacher, I think it hits me even harder because I get these two weeks off school. I literally count down the days with my students. The thought of going back to school is no fun. Obviously two weeks isn't an eternity, but I always feel like it is forever when I get out that Friday before Christmas. Anyways, the cycle will start again next year, and hopefully I will be able to keep myself in check to not become all consumed with all the planning and plotting for the holiday season. I plan on coming back to read this in a year:) Here's hoping for new snow in the morning . . .

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Well, now that my wife has decided to become a professional "blogger" I guess I should pipe in every now and again to make sure she gets the story right. I never thought I would join the millions who spend time updating the world on their life, as if my life was so special. I will be the one who will post all the pictures and videos to come, so you can thank me in advance. Anyway, here we go.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Well . . . I have officially done it. I have started a "blog." It is a little weird, considering I have been stalking so many blogs for so long now. Most of them are written by people I don't even know. Does that make me creepy??? I actually have learned a lot from reading other people's blogs on family, saving money, cooking, among other things. It has introduced me to essentially a whole new world. It is crazy the things you can learn from other people you don't even know. Who knew??? I can't even remember when I started reading blogs. I believe it was right around a year ago. I never thought I would write my own . . . and I am fully aware that it won't be even half as popular or creative or helpful or (you fill in the rest) as so many others I have read. That isn't really my goal, though. I really wanted to start one to document the day-to-day of our lives. We are crazy busy, all the time . . . I have no time to finish baby books or scrapbooks or any of the other crafty things I always want to do. I figure this is a great way for me to keep track of all the fun things we do, and an easy way to go back and look at all the blessings we are given on a daily basis, which is something I never want to lose track of.