Monday, July 9, 2012

25 weeks

Here I am interrupting my husband's play by play of our trip to Minnisota to do a pregnancy update.

Well, here I am at 25 weeks in . . .

and 25 pounds heavier.

This girl likes to pack it on.

Otherwise, things are going really well.

Like I have said in the past, I can't complain about my pregnancies.

I don't particularly love being pregnant, but it has nothing to do with problems and everything to do with getting fat and uncomfortable.

I went to the doctor this week, and her heartbeat is still faster than either of my boys' ever was.

I know it is an old wives tale, but it has rung true for our family.

I also has an ultrasound a couple weeks ago.

They needed to check on her cord to make sure it wasn't wrapped around her neck like it was in the first one . . . and it wasn't. 

Praise. the. Lord.

But something else cool happened while I was there.

The ultrasound tech asked me if she could "test" out the 4D machine because she wasn't too good at using it yet.

Of course I said "yes."

We never got a 4D ultrasound with the boys, but this was a really special treat.

I felt bad that Tim wasn't there, but I did get to come home with some cool pictures of her sweet little face.

It is so cool that I could see all her features.

So that's about all the updates I have on little Lexi.

15 more weeks until I get to kiss that little face . . . AND I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!



  1. So amazing Lou!! You look great too! I can't wait to see her. Keep the updates coming!

  2. i can't believe how tiny you are... and she is so beautiful!!