Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had a lovely Christmas.

I really tried to be present and not get caught up in all the "duties" that are required of a mom of three during the holidays.

It worked sometimes and didn't work at others.

But it is the thought that counts, right?


I feel like we are finally gaining some real traditions and memories that are just for us.

It is a good feeling to know our kids will have special times to remember and love the way we did with our families when we were young.

We started our Christmas celebrating the weekend before Christmas down in Coconut Creek at Mima and Pipa's house.

We usually do the Bettelli side Christmas at one of the December birthdays, but that didn't work out this year so we made a trip down there and had a Christmas dinner and gift exchange on the 22nd.

When George opened this present from Tim's parents he exclaimed, "I've wanted this my whole life!"

Haha . . . um it wasn't even in existence a few months ago.

Lexi didn't care too much about the gifts, but she did enjoy the boxes and paper.

On the 23rd my kids got Christmas #2 at my BFF Nicole's house.

This has become a tradition as well.

We eat pizza and Greek salad and exchange our gifts with her.

We had a "Happy Birthday, Jesus" cookie cake.

This will definitely be an ongoing tradition because cookie cake is my favorite.

And I think it would be Jesus' favorite too.

Christmas Eve we always go to church with my family and then have a meatless pasta dinner at their house.

It is fun to have the whole family dressed up.

We also put the kids in their Christmas pajamas and open presents with my extended family that night.

It is amazing to me that the Tragos' used to be a family of five, and now our Christmas celebration entails a family of eleven.

Love our growing family.

Christmas morning we wake up in our own Bettelli house and open presents with just the five of us.

It is hectic, but I love every second.

Around 10 my family comes over for a brunch.

This year I made the Monkey bread staple, but changed up the rest with hashbrowns, 2 crustless quiches (one with ham, mushrooms & cheddar cheese, and one with broccoli & mozzarella cheese), fruit and orange juice.

Aunt Gina couldn't help but get in on the Super Hero action.

Christmas night we went back to my parents for a lamb dinner.

We also got a special visit from our friend, Christin Carson.

So fun to see her and Richard.

It was truly a blessed season for our family.

And I would be lying if I didn't say one of my highlights was dressing Lexi.

She actually had more outfits than she had a chance to wear.

And we already have three 2T get-ups hanging in the closet for next year.

That about sums up the Bettelli Christmas 2013.

Hope you enjoyed the recap as much as I enjoyed living every second.

I know I am so blessed, and so thankful to Jesus for those blessings.

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