Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014 - Bettelli Style

Tim and I aren't huge Valentine's Day fans.

At least not in the sappy "let's go on a romantic date alone" kind of way.

I do, however, love the excitement we get from our kids.

This holiday has completely transitioned into a kid holiday (like everything else in our lives), but I'm totally ok with that.

The first thing we do to celebrate is bring out the Valentine's mailboxes I made a few years ago.

Starting on February 1st we (Tim and I) fill the boxes with little love notes and a special candy treat each day until Valentine's Day.

Another special treat for me this year was to celebrate the holiday with Ethan's preschool class.

There is just something so special about a preschool party.

No one knows how to party like 15 three year olds.

For our family celebration we gave the kids a few small gifts and cooked a lobster and steak dinner fit for a king.

George helped me decorate the table to surprise Daddy when he came home.

He also made each person in the family homemade cards.

And although we don't have the circumstances to go on a date alone on the day of love, I am so thankful for this man and his sweet, sweet love for me and his children.

Sidenote: Both Tim and I commented on how old we are getting after looking at this picture.  

Life really takes its toll, and it is extra obvious in pictures.


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