Friday, March 8, 2013

A little game of catch-up

Obviously, blogging has been on the back-burner.

But that doesn't mean life hasn't been busy for the Bettelli clan.

Let's play "catch-up" on all our happenings for the last two weeks or so.

Two weekends ago we went to the good ole Lee County Fair.

It was everything you would expect a fair to be.

They had free rides from 5-6 that night, so we hit up as many as we could and quickly left the rest of the "fun" there.

I love Costco, and I love wearing my sleeping baby.

George loves Costco, and George loves giant ice cream bars.

I posted this picture on instagram to document the fact that I made myself a real breakfast.

That was the one and only day I did that in the last two weeks.

I don't know why I don't just make myself the eggs or pancakes or bagels I make my kids in the morning, but I just don't.

Then I end up eating crap until lunch time because I am so hungry.

Mom problems . . . 

Her first pair of Easter shoes.

Hold me.

And speaking of her . . . 

Love this face.

Although it has been almost five months since Lexi officially joined our family, I still find myself in awe at pictures like this.

I have three kids.


How did I get old enough and wise enough for that???

Wait, I am not wise at all.

Ever heard of coconut oil.

It is a miracle substance.

Rub it on you . . . eat it on a spoon . . . rub it on your family . . . feed it to your family.

You will have no more problems.

Well . . . almost.

But seriously, it is amazing and you should do some research on it.

Ethan and his "pack-pack."

He goes to "school" while I am at Bible study on Thursdays.

You would think I was leaving him off in Disney World.

He really thinks he is a big boy.

And it is soooooooo cute to watch.

Me and my girl at church on Sunday.

Love dressing her for church.

And any other day for that matter.

The social security office.

Outside the office of vital statistics.

I had to visit both of these places multiple times this week.

Not my favorite places to go, but somehow we probably lost never got Lexi's birth certificate or social security card.

We need both those things to enroll her in insurance plans.

So I got the lovely job of hauling both my children under two years old to these places and waiting for hours for someone to tell me I didn't have the proper paperwork to receive her documents.


Now I can come back and let Ethan play on these filthy floors again.

Pray for me.  And Ethan.  That he doesn't get any diseases.

Ok . . . that about does it.

Hope I can keep up a little better with the memory-keeping.

Happy Friday!

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