Saturday, May 18, 2013

Birth Day

My baby brother has a baby.
On Thursday, the 16th, Brooklyn Marie Tragos was born.
Her parents are smitten, and I am in awe that this brother of mine is a daddy.
They live in Tallahassee, which is about a 6 hour drive from our living spot at the moment. 
I was so sad I couldn't be there to hold this sweet darling on her day of birth.
I wanted to see her precious face fresh from the womb.
I did get the next best thing thanks to Facetime on our phones.
Technology is amazing.
As I sat through her birth day I couldn't help but remember each of my children's days.
The day they became a real face to me.
The first day I got to hold them in my arms.
The first day I got to look in their eyes.
The first day I got to hold their hand.
The first day I got to feel their soft skin.
The day I got to watch my husband become a daddy.
I loved those days.
Each was a day I will never forget.
Watching life literally happen is such a miracle and such a gift.
God has blessed our family with this newest blessing, and we are so grateful.

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