Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

This year we decided to "do" Halloween with Tim's side of the family.
His sister has an open house type party every year, and we have never been before.
Tim had work on the east coast earlier in the week, so we decided to tack the Farrow Halloween party on the end.
We went to Daytona on Tuesday and stayed on the beach.

On Wednesday Tim had work, so I took the kids on a tour of the Daytona Speedway.

It was really cool.

I know my kids are a lot of work, but it is always funny to me when someone is surprised that I own all three.

While on the tour the guide asked me multiple times if I was taking all three on the tour by myself or if I had help.

I had to hold Ethan and Lexi on my lap at the same time because they weren't allowed to sit in the seats alone.

Otherwise it was a really fun time, and the kids did great which was a blessing.

Wednesday night we went to Vero for the big party.

It started with pumpkin carving.

My sister in law was kind enough to provide the pumpkins and the tools.

I usually try to get out of the whole carving process because I think it is disgusting.

But, of course, the boys love it, and parents do what kids love.

My boys adore these cousins.

It is so fun to have family as their best friends.

Thursday night was Halloween.

I convinced/manipulated my kids into being FSU football players and a cheerleader.

Thanks to Aunt Whitney and Uncle Peter for the cute costume.

Ethan wouldn't wear face paint.  Surprise of all surprises.

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween.

The scary stuff is always bothersome for me, but it is fun to see my kids dressed in their cute costumes.

I try to just have fun and make it fun for the kids.

I think we accomplished that goal this year.


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