Tuesday, November 5, 2013


We went to the Hunsader Farms Pumpkin Festival last weekend (the 27th).

It is something we try to do every year, and I think we have done it since George was born except for last year while we were in Fort Myers.

It is about an hour away from our current house in Largo.

It is usually pretty hot and dusty.

We usually have to park miles away from the entrance and walk those miles with our children.

It is a pretty large festival with lots of disgusting fair type food.

There are games for the kids that cost a dollar each, so you end up spending quite a bit of money for those exciting tickets that in the end buy more crap that you don't need or want in your house.

So why do we go?

Our kids love it, and we kinda love it too.

Is it a lot of work?  Absolutely.

Are we dead tired when we get home?  Certainly.

Does it build family memories that can never be replaced?  Most definitely.

The last few weeks I have really been trying to "simplify" a lot of things.

One of them that I have spent a lot of time thinking about are my parenting goals.

I feel like I can run myself ragged just thinking about the ways I fail as a parent.

I want my kids to behave and obey and basically be perfect, so I can have confirmation that I am doing "my job."

But the real goal should be love.

I want them to feel love unconditionally from me like Christ shows me everyday.

I should be lavishing my love on them.

And going to things like Pumpkin festivals builds our love as a family.

I asked George the other night after his bath if he knew I loved him . . . He said yes, so I asked him how he knew.

He said, "Cause you tell me all the time."

I was kind of offended because I wanted him to give me an action, not words.

But I was also glad that he took what I say seriously.

I love my children so, so, so much, and sometimes I am amazed at the things I am willing to do/sacrifice for them.

It is an amazing picture of God's love, and I hope I can always point my children to that.

And just for laughs . . . here are the four (and only four) family photos we got at the Pumpkin festival.

I can't pick a favorite.

They are all so good.

Ethan's face.

Lexi is trying to out-strength me to get off my lap.

Ethan wants to pick up a pumpkin and George is thinking about something in outer space.

Mommy and daddy are fake smiling to take some of the attention off our screaming baby.

And there you have it . . . reality in the Bettelli family.


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  1. Love the family pics! I think my favorite is Lexi doing a front flip off the pumpkins though! :)