Sunday, August 24, 2014

FFF in Mexico

On July 11th of this summer my entire Tragos side of the family flew out to Cancun, Mexico for some "forced family fun."

Although, in this case it wasn't too "forced."

We flew into Cancun and had a short (but seemed super long) bus ride to Playa del Carmen which is where our resort was located.

It was gorgeous. and very hot.

Throughout the trip I tried to spend as much time as possible in this spot.

Where can I find a lounge chair in the water with a drink holder in the states?

No, really.  Please tell me because that is where I want to be.

All day.  Everyday.

There were other places in the pool where we hung out (although none spoke to me like the lounge chair).

Surprise of the trip . . . Peter likes to mess with us.

The finals of the World Cup happened while we were there, so they had some characters running around the pool to get people excited.

I only traveled off the resort one day to do some "authentic" shopping.

Tim, George and my sister, Gina, took a day trip to Te Lume.

They got the opportunity to repel, zip line and take tours of the ancient ruins.

George is really into geography and learning about other countries.

While they were on this day trip it was about a million degrees. 

Tim said he and Gina just wanted to sit down and not listen to the boring tours.

George kept running up to the front of the tours to get all the information.

Tim kept trying to take his picture and told George he came to document the experience.

George said, "That may be why you came dad, but I came to learn."

Such an awesome kid.

While the adventurers in the family were out, the rest of us were back at the hotel celebrating Papou's birthday in the balcony hot tub.

Once they got back we all ate dinner to celebrate our father and grandfather.

The original Tragos 5.

My cute parents.

We had dinner together every night and took a lot of pictures.

This is the back of my favorite outfit Lexi wore on the trip.

Little Sassy Pants.

And here we are at the airport saying goodbye to Mexico (after Lexi puked at 4:30 in the morning on the shuttle to the airport in the shuttle car seat).


In all seriousness, we are all so thankful that my parents gave us this special time together.

Traveling with a large extended family isn't always easy (and our trip wasn't perfect), but not many families have the opportunity to do it at all.

We are so thankful that God has given us these relationships and that my parents use their time and resources to bring us all together.

It was a lovely vacation (but I think we may need to wait until there are no children under 5 in the family before we go out of the country again).

Just my opinion:)

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