Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ethan turns 4

We officially have a four year old.
No longer a toddler, but a little boy.
We celebrated with a joint party at our rec center pool with our friend, Alana.
She and Ethan are 3 days apart, and we had their first birthday party together too.
They are sweet friends, and the party was a blast.
The weather wasn't looking so good when we got there, but after eating and blowing out candles we were in the clear to swim.

I really think Ethan enjoyed his party.

He isn't as much of an attention seeker like his brother, so it is interesting to watch him in these situations.

He wanted George's help opening presents, and he liked other people to help with his candles.

He didn't want all the attention solely on him, and it must be because he has his siblings with him all the time.

It is so funny to watch each of my kids be their own person.

Sunday was Ethan's actual birthday and we gave him a balloon bath in the morning before church.

Tim has to be at church early now on Sundays, so we didn't get to really celebrate until dinnertime.

We had his favorite dinner of steak, corn on the cob and rice (he fought us on choosing because he wanted to let George choose dinner).

We had cake and opened a few more presents.

It was a great day celebrating Ethan.

He is such a special part of our family, and we are so thankful for exactly him.

My Dearest Ethan,
          I simply can't believe it has been four years since you were born.  It seems like yesterday I was battling all kinds of scary things at your birth.  It ended up being super quick and the things that could have gone very wrong didn't.  I was so thankful for God's mercy on your life then, and I have continued that line of thinking throughout your life.  You are our passionate, motivated, and adorable little boy.  I have enjoyed watching you grow and mature.  
          Each year brings different challenges as well as celebrations for our family.  This year was definitely more stable than the last, and you were definitely happy to be in the same place with all the same people for an extended period of time.  You attended a small preschool for half of the year, and you did so great.  You are young for your class, but your teacher told us you accomplished anything and everything she asked.  I loved watching you shine in your own environment.  
          Your relationship with your siblings is continuing to grow and change as well.  Last year all you wanted to do was follow George and be with him.  You noticed Lexi every once in a while, but George was your idol.  While you still look up to your brother, you are getting more and more interested in Lexi girl. Each morning you ask me when she will get up because you just can't wait to play with her.  You play pretend, and legos, and cars, and dress-up, and so much more.  It is so fun to watch your relationship with your sister blossom.  I hope you always love and protect her.
          Your dad and I are just so excited to see what God is going to do in and through your life.  You have already brought us both so much joy, and I know that will never stop.  God was so intricate with all the parts of you, and we are grateful for each and every one of them.  It is a blessing to be your parent.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Don't ever forget that.  Follow Jesus with everything you have because His steps for your life are what will bring true joy.  That is my prayer for your life, Ethan.  Stick with Jesus, no matter what.  We love you so very much and will continue to help guide you with our love.
                                                                                           I love you, my passionate one,

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