Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The boys and I have been living it up this summer.

George had VBS last week, and Ethan and I got to participate in the ending songtime everyday. 

It was a good time.

Then this week we go on a fun-filled vacation that will basically be a Bettelli family reunion.

In between scheduled trips and all the stuff we "have" to do, we have found some time to have spontaneous fun.

We have a place in town called the Highland Center.

It is a great little pool with all kinds of fun water slides and toys to play with.

The kids love it, and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday they have a morning hour where only kids 0-5 years old can play.

We took advantage of it this week and had the best time.

We will be spending a lot more time this summer in the cool pool.

I always want to savor these times with my boys.

They grow so fast, and I don't ever want to lose sight of the incedible blessing they are to me.

I am so lucky to spend my days hanging out with these cool kids.


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