Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I don't know what else to call this post.
It is a random listing of our "life" lately with no real defining theme.

1.  Ok, first of all . . . could you die from the cuteness???  This sweet hat was made by an even sweeter friend for our girl.  I don't know if it is because I have already had two boys, or if this happens to everyone who has a girl . . . but I just feel so overwhelmed with with all the cute things that I have seen/been given for this girl to wear.  There is just so much to enhance their cuteness.

2.  We are leaving on a beach long-weekend trip tomorrow.  It is a yearly tradition for my whole side of the family, and the entire point is to fry ourselves by laying on the beach and by the pool for three whole days.  (Don't worry . . . the kids don't fry.  They get sunscreened by the hour).  Problem is that the weather predicts nothing but rain and thunderstorms the entire time.  It may be an even longer weekend if we are stuck in a hotel room the entire time.

3.  I have a standing date with my brother to watch The Bachlorette each week.  I want to make just one small comment about this season since it is still so early in the game.  What is up with the job descriptions on these guys?  If you don't have a job, then just own it.   My two favorites this season are . . . "Mushroom farmer???" and "Data Destruction Specialist??"  My dad's comment about the latter was "He must run a really expensive shredder."  Enough said.

4.  We are on day #3 of our summer home with nowhere to be.  I just want to inform you that I don't think I can take much more of "nowhere to be."  I am not good at the "staying home" part of being a stay-at-home mom.  I have got to get my act together and plan some activities (preferably free) for the coming weeks.  Any suggestions?  My kids are 5 and 1, so it is hard to find something they are both interested in.

5.  Lastly (I know you are ready to be done with this nonsense), I have been looking for a bathing suit for this weekend . . . although it will probably stay in my suitcase (see #2).  I found the perfect one on clearance yesterday at Marshall's.  I had very specific qualities in mind.  You see, I am not a "pregnant so I flaunt it kind-of-girl."  I know plenty of people who are, and they think it is beautiful and all that, but I just can't get into wearing a tini-bikini and having my belly hanging out like that.  That being said I really wanted to find a covering suit that was cute and cheap but strapless, so I could still get a good tan-line.  This far exceeded my expectations.  And I am happy about it!!!!

Ok, enough jibber-jabbering around here.

Praying for sunshine and a cloudless sky!!!!

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