Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Ethan has spent the last couple days crawling.
Why, you might ask?
Sunday night my dad was helping him put pajama pants on . . .
(Sidenote:  He is the most difficult child to dress because he can be such a diva.  He only wants to wear certain pieces of clothing when he wants to wear them.  If you do not comply with his wishes then he will do everything in his small little power to get away from you to keep those horrid clothes from getting on his body.) 
And he slipped out of one pant leg onto his ankle somehow.
He is a pretty tough cookie, so not much crying ensued.
He went to bed as usual, but in the morning refused to walk on it.
I took him to the doctor Monday morning (at which we also found out that he has a double ear infection), and she told me the quickest way to get him seen was to take him to the emergency room.
Oh, joy.
I love germ infested emergency rooms with two year olds who can't walk and are already miserable because their ears are hurting.
I put my feelings aside and off we went with my mom and bff, Nicole.
Here is what Ethan thought of the gown they made him wear.
Once again showing his diva-ness off.
They did an x-ray and found that it was indeed a hairline fracture right at the base of his leg (at the ankle).
They wouldn't actually cast it there - no, that would make things too easy.
Into a splint it went.
And we have to follow up with an orthopedic specialist sometime this week to get an actual cast that will probably be a part of him for four weeks.
Nicole is a nurse, so we went to the hospital she works at.
And here she is holding on to the splint while the fiberglass dried.
It was a lovely experience that took about 3.5 hours.
Which all things considered could have been much longer.
Glad to know important people like Nicole who can hurry things along.
Prayers please . . . that he would start walking on it (he is allowed) because carrying a two year old and an infant in her carseat/carrier is no good for mommy's back or sanity.

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