Friday, December 7, 2012

Insta-Friday 12/7/12

Well, it's that time again.
Life via my Instagram pics.
We didn't do too many exciting things this week with Ethan out of commission, so most of our moments took place in the comfort of our temporary home.
It was nice to clear the schedule for a couple days and just be with my kiddos.
We will start off on Wednesday when Ethan got his cast on.
He was hilarious when they asked him what color he wanted because, of course, he changed his mind 20 times.
"I want oringe, no I want bew, no I want ed, no I want een, no I want . . . "
You get the idea. 
(And those spellings are his versions of the appropriate colors.  I do know how to spell the primary colors).
He never said pink, which was comforting because Tim would have killed me if I brought him home with a pink accessory that couldn't come off for four weeks.
I would have probably let him do it too if he really wanted it, but by God's grace (seriously) it never came up.
Ed ended up being the color he decided on (although he tried to change it to een in the middle of the application . . . the poor cast tech didn't know what to do).
And I am happy that at least he has a festive accessory to sport through the Christmas season.
Saw this cute idea on Pinterest and BAM, I recreated it.
We had to bring an appetizer to our small group Christmas gathering this week.
This beauty was perfect, festive, and healthy.
She is starting to be really smiley and interactive.
I looooooooove watching them be present.
Check out that hair sticking up.
She still hasn't lost a lot of hair from birth, so I am hoping she just grows more and more in.
I see plenty of clips and headbands in our near future.
He is all over this baby.
Really sweet, calling her "cutie-pie and Lexi-girl"
And she lets him just kiss her and lay on her and she never cries.
We will see how long it lasts.
One day sister is going to let him know how she really feels.
Until then it is fun to watch their cute expressions with each other.
Happy Weekend!

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