Friday, November 30, 2012

Photo Dump

I haven't been able to get my instagram pics on the blog lately, but alas that is fixed.
So here is the last few weeks of our lives captured thru the lens of my iphone.
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Warning:  This is a Lexi-picture-heavy post. 
I can't help it.
Chillin . . . she has the life - fat and happy.
Little face, big pacifier.
Bought this ice cream scoop at the Dollar Tree - where everything is $1.
It lasted all of five seconds.
You would think I would know not to buy cooking utensils at this fine establishment.
But no, I continue to waste money trying to get a good deal.
I made this headband last week.
And then I made three more.
Saw an example on a friend's facebook page, and she graciously gave me the website to copy.
We saw Santa before Thanksgiving this year.
Sue us.
It was Lexi's first time, and she was a champ.
He seriously can't get enough of her, and it is so cute to watch.
We had lunch with George at school on Wednesday, and it was fun.
This is how he sleeps.
It is funny how your kids carry habits from the womb.
When Ethan was born his nose was smooshed to one side.
My doctor said it was probably from his constant need to push his face against something while he was inside.
When he was an infant he liked to scoot to the side of his crib and smoosh his face in the corner before he went to sleep.
He also loved for us to cover his face with some sort of blanket if he fell asleep in our arms.
Now he has to have his blankie over his face whenever he takes a nap or goes to sleep at night.
Kind of cute.
Kind of weird.
All Ethan.
She sleeps with her mouth open.
I don't have a good story about it.
Except that she comes by it honestly because I have been told (my entire life) that I do the same thing.
Happy Weekend!

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