Friday, February 8, 2013

Birthday Girl

My birthday was on Sunday . . . the 3rd.
I turned the ripe old age of 31.
I didn't think it would be too exciting (especially after last year), but it turned out to be wonderful in its own right.
My BFF Nicole came to visit for the weekend, and we headed straight to Bagel, Bagel for old times sake.
Ethan got a little cream cheese on his face.

And Lexi-girl really enjoyed all the attention from Nicole.
After lunch Tim let me have four glorious hours to go shopping with her alone.
That right there is like a million bucks for me.
Peace and quiet.  And no diaper bag.  Be still my heart.
Tim and the kids met us after shopping at Johnny Rockets for dinner.

It was a fun place for the kids, and we didn't have to keep telling them to be quiet with the loud oldies music.
Win, win.
When we got back to the apartment that night we indulged in the cookie cake Nicole brought me.
I adore cookie cake.
It is borderline obsessive.
At least I can admit it.

On Sunday (my actual birth-day) we went to church and then met Tim's parents in Naples for lunch.
We ate at a fun family-style Italian place called "Buca Di Beppo."

The baked ziti was killer (in a good way).
Models . . . they get it from their mother.

My lovely in-laws. 
It was so fun to get to spend my birthday with them.
Thanks, Mima and Pipa.

And to keep it real . . . The family picture set-up.
This weekend I get to go home for round two with my parents.
Family style Italian is on the menu again.
My favorite.
I'm so blessed!!!

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