Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Last weekend we took a trip to visit some very good friends of ours who live in Jupiter.
The city, not the planet . . . as George would say.
I couldn't help but be amazed at God's grace as we spent time with them.
We met this family when George was in his 2 year old preschool class in Clearwater.
George and their son, Colton, are the same age and were in the same class.
We went to a bounce house school event and Colton was wearing a FSU shirt.
Of course, I had to start a convo with this family that was obviously intelligent enough to know to dress their child in gear from the best college ever.
We hit it off that night and began building what I hope will be a life-long friendship.
God's hand has been on this relationship right from the beginning.
Mandy (the mommy) told me later that both her and her husband had just had some serious prayer-time about finding some good Christian friends before they came to that bounce house that night.
We invited them to our church at that function, and they were there basically every Sunday after.
We bought a house in the neighborhood they lived in later that school year, and we could basically walk to hang out with them whenever we wanted.
We hung out a. lot. that summer and into the next year.
Then we got the sad news that they were moving to Arkansas.
I was really sad to be losing such good friends, but we hoped to stay in touch and make it up to see them at some point.
Honestly, I didn't know how close we could stay with busy lives and so many miles between us.
18 months later Mandy called me to say they were moving back to Florida but to the city of Jupiter.
At the same time Tim was finalizing plans to work in Fort Myers.
We now only live about 2.5 hours away.
They have an almost 2 year old named Liam (Ethan affectionately calls him "my friend, Leo").
He and Ethan are becoming fast friends just like George and Colton.
We haven't seem them for a while, but when we were together this weekend it felt just like the good old days of hanging out in our neighborhood.
I am so thankful God brought them into our lives.
He has the best plans for our lives, and I feel so blessed to call this family our friends.
We love you, Munyans!!!

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