Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ethan is 3

Well, Ethan turned 3 on Saturday.
I say this every single time my kids have a birthday, but it is still just as true:
He is not a baby anymore.
He is potty-trained and sleeping in a big boy bed (been that way since 12 months when he decided to start crawling out of his crib every chance he got) and just doing things independently that he used to need his mommy for.
It is exciting and sad at the same time.
He has only been with us for 3 years, but I can already tell that this one will give me a run for my money.
He has his own opinions and his own schedule.
Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it.
We threw him a red, birthday brunch on Saturday.
Red is his favorite color, and we are moving (AGAIN) on Friday of this week . . . so simple was key.
Cookie cake is mommy's favorite cake . . . so mommy says it is Ethan's too:)
Don't you like how that works?

Cousins who love each other so much,

This would have been a really cute picture of my sister in law and I. 
But the master of photo-bombing (before photo-bombing was even a term) strikes again.

Aunt Kim and Uncle Josh got him a bike.
He did not get off of it for hours.

Girl pic.


Such a sweet moment between brothers who aren't always so sweet to each other.
George bought Ethan his own gift and made him a super sweet card.
Ethan was showing the love.

Another favorite gift . . . Jake underwear.
Ethan told anyone and everyone who asked what he wanted for his birthday . . . UNDERWEAR!
Nona and Papou took those requests seriously.

Family in red.
All in all, I think it was a great day of celebrating Ethan.
His smile in this picture portrays his excitement.
I always want my kids to feel special on their day.  I don't think I need to go overboard or spend tons of money, but I want them to have a day where they know they are loved.
       You are such a special part of our family.  You bring so much extreme joy to our lives.  Since you were a newborn baby we knew you were your own person.  You did not do anything like your older brother.  You wanted us to know that you were Ethan, and Ethan has his own way of doing things.  I can't help but think about all the special ways God is going to use that spirit as you grow up.  You are going to be such a leader in whatever path the Lord has laid out for you to follow.  I pray you always use your gifts for good.
       This past year has been a tough one, especially for you.  We moved three times, and you had to do life without your older brother and daddy for a little while.  I know that is the reason you still come into our bed every night after we are asleep.  You want the security of knowing we are there, and you can find us easily.  You also welcomed a new little sister into the family this year.  You responded to that change so much better than I expected.  I don't think I give you enough credit sometimes.  Although, you still like to be a little too rough with her, you have certainly shown her more love and affection than I thought you would.  You didn't get to be our baby for too long because of the surprise of Lexi, but you transitioned into middle child/older brother with ease.  I am so grateful for that.
       I could never put into words the intense love I have for you.  I hope and pray you can feel this love, since words could never fully express it.  You are mine (and you always tell daddy this), and I love every second.  I know the days are coming when you won't want my hugs and kisses every moment.  I am soaking up every second of your affection.  Your personality and shine are such gifts to me, and I pray I can help you grow into the man God intends you to be.  What a gift to be your mommy!
                                                                                    I love you, my passionate one,


  1. So adorable! Happy birthday Ethan! Good luck with your next move!! Keep the blogs coming. ;)

  2. So sweet Lou! I think you pulled off a great party with all that was going on. I loved the red theme :)