Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Listing Life

I'm not quite sure how my love of lists came about . . . 

I may have been born with the gift.

Or I may have learned after too long of forgetting things in my seriously, not-big-enough brain.

Either way - I am a self-proclaimed lister.

And proud of it.

I have kept a list of topics or events I want to blog about over the last few months.

The list is quite long.
(A digital list on my iphone - thank God for the "notes" app)

It is overwhelming when I think about writing a blog for each thing on my list.

But they are important things.

Things I want to remember and get down in this cyber-scrapbook.

So, today I got the brilliant idea of just doing a blog-list.

A list of life over the past few months to get me up to date and hopefully spur me on to do a better job in the blogging department . . . and the mothering department, and the homeschooling department, and the cleaning department, and the wife department and so on.

I think my last chronological blog was about my brother's law school graduation (he has since studied, taken and passed the bar exam - yay, Peter).

In May I also took a short 6 week job at the school Tim worked at for a teacher who had a baby.

It was fun to get my feet back in the world of teaching, but it was totally crazy finding care for the two littlest Bettelli's.

The last week in May we took a vacay to Disney while they had their 3-day Florida resident passes for $100.

Doesn't it look like fun?

We did have a really great time, and it was the start of Tim's summer at home.

After Disney we went to Clearwater for a week to meet my brother's new baby, Brooklyn, for the first time.

From Clearwater, we went to Lake Swan camp with Tim's new boss at Trinity.

It is so amazing how God works, because we thought it would be a year before we were working for Trinity.

But God used that time to get us prepared for a much sooner start date.

We drove home from Lake Swan for a few days and then went to West Palm Beach for my dad's annual meeting.

That was super fun!

Especially the part where I got to drive to Orlando to hear the infamous NKOTB perform with some of my favorite ladies.

The following week we left for our road trip to Charleston and Atlanta.

We stayed with one of my college BFF's, Stephanie, and her cute family in Charleston for a long weekend.

We stayed with my Aunt in Atlanta and got to visit some exciting places.

Like the Coke Factory.

We were supposed to go to Stone Mountain for the 4th, but it was raining all day.

So we crashed Tim's sister's house in Vero Beach and celebrated there.

We came home from that to a lay-off and a new job  in Trinity.

Thus began our plans to move out of the lovely house we were renting and move back to Largo.

Before the move I took one last summer trip to Georgia with my sorority sisters and Lexi.

My friend, Stephanie, posted about the whole trip on her blog.

So, that wraps up the list of our summer adventures.

Next up is what's gone on since then . . . life never slows down!


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