Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Easter 2014

So Easter happened about a month ago, and I want to record our memories of it.

We started our Easter celebrations on Saturday with an egg hunt at Calvary church Eastlake.

The eggs drop from a helicopter, so the kids thought that was the coolest.

We had two sweet surprises that day.

My brother, Peter, and his family joined us for the fun.

And then randomly one of the families that we had stayed with in Fort Myers was in our area for a few hours, and they joined us too to watch the kids grab eggs.

It was a fun day.

On actual Easter Sunday we got up, checked out some Easter baskets, and went to church in our color coordinated best.

I love to match my kids on Easter.

No real reason, I just like it.

When we got home we changed and cooked a mid-afternoon feast to celebrate the risen Savior.

Then we did another Easter egg hunt for the kids.

My aunt had given me this outfit for Lexi last Easter.

It was too cute, so we may have taken too many pictures of her in it.

Easter is such a special holiday, and I always want my kids to celebrate the true meaning.

I am so thankful that my Savior rose again to give me life.

Funny story I don't want to forget from Easter morning . . . 

George was talking with me in the bathroom while I was drying my hair.

He asked me if Easter was the most important holiday because it celebrates Jesus' resurrection.

I said that it was very important.

He then proceeds to tell me about other important holidays like Christmas and Independence Day and then asks if there is a day to celebrate the Civil War?

I couldn't think of one.

So he asks, "Mom, if the civil war never happened would we still have slaves and would you be one?"

I was cracking up.

I guess being the only one with dark skin in this family has confused my children.

And that about sums up the Bettelli Easter 2014.

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