Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ethan and Preschool

When we moved back to the Clearwater area we thought we would be moving further north in a short time, so I didn't want to start Ethan in preschool and then have to pull him out.

But once that didn't happen I put him in the same little preschool George went to in downtown Clearwater.

It is the cutest school, and he had the same teacher George had three years ago.

I love all the little "extras" that they do to make the kids feel special.

They put on a circus, and the 3 year olds dress up as clowns.

He wore a hat that my sister wore about his age for Halloween.

It was adorable.

They also put on a Donuts with Dad breakfast.

Both Tim and my dad went, and Ethan just beamed from all the attention.

They also do a Mother's Day tea.

The kids sing us songs, and then we have a little tea time and art show in the fellowship hall.

Another really fun thing that the school does is offer gymnastics every Wednesday for all the students.

I remember it being one of George's favorite things.

We got to watch the "gymnastics award ceremony" last week.

What a hoot.

Again, it is just the cutest school.

I am so thankful that Ethan got the opportunity to experience it.

One blessing of not selling our house:)


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