Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Classy Wine Tasting

My sister, Gina, is such a giving soul.

She was nice enough to invite her siblings and their spouses out to a classy night on the town, wine-tasting.

We were all so excited.

We all parked in the hyde park parking garage and began to look for the classy joint where the wine tasting was being held.

My loving sister then looked the address up on her phone, and she informed us that it was actually a few blocks down the road.

No problem.

 There was a slight drizzle, but who cares about showing up to a classy wine tasting with frizzy hair?

Not. me. No. sir.

We finally arrived at our destination after quite a bit of walking.

I wish I had a picture of the outside to show you.

But somehow I missed that opportunity, so pictures of the inside will have to do.

Now you may think this wine tasting establishment looks a little like a convenient store/gas station  . . . 

But I will have to tell you.

You would be right.

That is exactly what it was.

And we couldn't stop laughing.

We each got our small taste of wine and decided to hit the road.

But, of course, it was pouring down rain.

So my wonderful sister had another brilliant idea and decided to use the "lift" ap on her phone.

This ap is something all the young professionals in Tampa use to get from here to there.

Those of us in suburbia have never heard of it, but she promises it is a stellar way to travel.

And why wouldn't we trust her after her amazing skill in picking out wine tasting venues?

So we get a "lift" from a random car who answers her call.

The boys ride and the girls wait.

And somehow it works out that they come pick us up from the convenient store/gas station/wine tasting and take us to a restaurant.

It is Gina's pick, and she redeems herself.

(Except for the small fact that our reason for going was the all you can eat sushi, which they were no longer offering . . . but we won't hold it against her).

The name of the restaurant was Cheap, and it had a cool atmosphere that looked a little like a japanese steak house/club.  You know . . . more class.

In all seriousness, though, I think I laughed more that night than I have in the last five years.

It was really, really fun to have an adult night out with my siblings and their significants.

We are siblings by blood, but we are friends by choice.

I couldn't pick better friends or siblings.

And I do want to thank Gina for planning the whole night.

If not for her skills in this area, we definitely wouldn't have had as much to laugh about.

Well that and the word "punish," but that shall remain a family secret forever.


  1. Yeah! So happy for all the new posts! Glad you are enjoying your summer! :)