Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gospel Coalition

By now you may have gotten the message that we have had a busy summer.

On the last weekend in June I went to the Gospel Coalition Women's Conference in Orlando.

We traveled as a group of 8, between family and friends.

It was so fun to have the time with just the girls.

We conferenced all day and partied all night (well, some of us).

On Saturday night we went to Opa.

It's a tradition now on our Orlando getaways.

We celebrated Rosie and Nicole's June birthdays.

They even got up on the tables and danced with the belly-dancer.  


The weekend was a good reminder of friendship and love.

I have been so blessed with the best family and friends anyone can ask for.

I can't say each relationship is perfect, but I love all these women so much.

They are each special to me in very specific ways, and I don't know where I'd be without their love.

Here's to next time, Ladies!


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