Monday, November 24, 2014

Lexi Girl Turns Two Two

When we lived in Fort Myers we went to a "tutu" party for a friend who was turning 2.

Lexi was only 3 months old at the time, but I knew that this theme was in my future.

This October I had the opportunity to make all my dreams come true and throw my Lexi girl a two-two party.

It was a blast and so much fun to decorate.

Lexi seemed to really like her outfit.

I wasn't sure if she would be happy about wearing tulle all day, but she was completely into it.

I guess I should not have underestimated my girl.

It was a great day to celebrate.

We just had family and a few close friends, and it was perfect fr her.

Lexi is such a special part of our family.

I hope she always feels our love, no matter what.

Dearest Lexi Girl,
          You are such a special little girl.  Over the last year we have watched your spirit change and grow.  You are a bright spot to everyone you meet.  People always tell me what a happy baby you are.  I love to hear that because your smile is one of my favorite things about you.  I love that you share our joy with everyone around you.  You are still a little thing, but what you lack in size you certainly make up for in spunk.  You have the loudest voice and the fiercest looks.  If looks could kill, my dear, we would all be goners.  
          This year was certainly more stable than the last, and it made me feel good to have you in a more permanent home.  We tried to sell our house, but God knew better.  Daddy got another job at our church, and mommy got a part-time teaching job too.  I think that was enough change for our family.  We are really enjoying all the changes, but busy does not even begin to describe it.  We run all over the place all the time, and you just go with the flow.  I know that you have embraced the third child role. You have to cut naps short and wake up early to get your brothers where they need to go.  You are their biggest cheerleader, and it is so cute to see you yell and cheer for them.  You have formed such special bonds with your brothers, and they are your protectors.  You got to tag along on a field trip with Ethan, and his favorite part about it was showing you off to all his friends.  I hope you always have a special bond with your brothers.
          As you are moving further from babyhood and well into toodlerhood I am just enjoying you more and more.  You are an excellent communicator and are very sure of what you want.  You are not afraid to share your feelings or tell everyone what you think they should being doing.  Your daddy says you get it from your mother, and even though it is supposed to be a negative, I am glad you stand up for yourself.  You are sweet, spunky little girl whose personality never goes unnoticed.  We love you more than words could ever express.  You are our one and only girl, and God knew just what we needed when He created you.  I pray that you grow into a woman of God who loves and protects as He would.  I know He has big plans for you, and I feel so blessed to have this small part in them.  
                                                                                                            I love you, my sweet smile,

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