Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Disney Fanatic Club

Will someone please tell me how many times you have to go to Disney World to be a FANATIC? 
If you would have told me in college that I would be hanging out with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy almost every other weekend, I would have said, you're crazy. 
But, here I am. Loving it every time I go. Every time we go, we get a little better on finding shortcuts and Disney "secrets."
Did you know that you can take a boat from the Disney Boardwalk directly to a private entrance into Epcot? This boat takes you right to the middle of the world showcase. 
We went to Disney this time to celebrate Dad's birthday. We had a lot of "firsts" this time around. 
George went on Space Mountain for the 1st time. After it was all over he said, "Dad that was sooo AWESOME."

George, Ethan, and I rode the Astro Orbiter for the first time....I are wondering what the Astro Orbiter is...ask George...he knows all the rides due to the twenty times he has watched the Disney World documentary on Netflix. 
Apparently this ride has been at Disney World since it opened in 1971 and I had never been on it. When you walk into Tomorrowland look up at the rocket ships that spin around and around...that is the Astro Orbiter.

George and I went on Mission Space for the first time. WARNING: Don't go on this ride if you get dizzy easily. I could feel my cheeks get sucked back behind my neck as we shot out to space.

We met Duffy the Bear. This is not a common Disney character. George knows who this bear is because when he was younger, we bought him a book about Mickey going to the Magic Kingdom with his little stuffed bear, Duffy. In the book, Duffy comes alive and the two of them go on all the fun rides through out the park.
Side Note: (Not sure if Ethan is smiling because of Duffy or the fact that he has a very large poopy diaper.)

This was the first time I saw Mickey & Minnie in their new location in the building off of Main Street USA. They were moved to this location while Fantasyland is under construction. 

Remember, if you need any Disney info, call us first. 
& Tim

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