Saturday, May 18, 2013

Playin' some b-ball outside of the school

We finally put George in an organized sport this Spring.
We have been talking about doing soccer forever but could never find the right fit and schedule for our family.
Upward basketball opened up at the gym where he goes to school, so we decided to jump in.
It was great.
George really enjoyed himself and learned a lot.

It is amazing to watch your kids grow and soar.
I really didn't know how he would do when we signed him up.
Basketball can be an aggressive sport, and I don't see George as an aggressive kid.
But he definitely held his own.
Actually, he more than held his own.
He was rebounding left and right.
Hustling down the court whenever he had the chance.
Shooting basket after basket and making them.
I was so impressed with his determination and focus.
I love this little guy so much and feel more blessed everyday to be his momma.

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