Thursday, November 29, 2012


As you may have heard a time or two, we are currently residing in a one bedroom farm/loft apartment.
Obviously, this quaint residence does not lend itself to my usual over-abundance of Christmas decorations.
At first I was kind of sad that I wouldn't be able to break out all my favorites and put them in their special places like years before.
But . . . then I got serious and realized that I wouldn't have to unload and reload a hundred bins of decorations.
A break.
That is what I got this year.
So I decided to milk it for all it is worth and enjoy just a few little decorations around our home.
Mostly for the kids' sake because I knew George would be asking me once an hour why we didn't have a tree.
These are the few things I decided to do:
This is a $25 already lit tree that we picked up a few years ago on one of our black Friday escapades.
We usually get a real tree, but this sure came in handy this year.
The ornaments are a combination of walmart cheapies and a 25 cent bag of old school ball ornaments I got at the thrift store.
Garland is courtesy of the Dollar Tree.
I did break out our real stockings because they were expensive, and I want to get as many years out of them as I can.
I didn't, however, think to bring our stocking hangers.
I looked a few places to buy some cheap ones, but the cheapest was 20 bucks.
That totally goes against what I am going for here.
So hanging them on the window treatments it was.
It was Tim's idea . . . and it looked good with the even four stockings we started with.
 Until we had to add Lexi's stocking which came in the mail this week.
How cute is that?
I just love the extra girliness next to the snowman and train ones we have for the boys.
I also brought this quilt that my mom bought me a few years ago.
It is so soft and warm.
I love having it on the couch for those cold, 75 degree days we get here in December.
I also decorated our table a bit with a walmart-snowman-plastic tablecloth.
But you don't need to see that because it is currently full of crap that I have no where else to put.
There you have it . . .
Bettelli Decorations 2012.
It isn't much, but I know it will be a year we will remember.

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