Monday, November 12, 2012

plugged in

We are officially plugged in over here at our loft apartment in the country.
It took a little while to get everything figured out, but I am happy to say that browsing the internet never felt so good.
And guess what else exciting happened . . .
We. have. cable.
Why is this so exciting you might ask . . .
Because at our nice three bedroom house in Largo we did not have cable.
It is all give and take around here.
One bedroom loft for our family of five seems a bit tight, but with the addition of cable I think I could live here forever.
(I kid, I kid).
It is a nice perk that we are enjoying, and it was a package deal for the internet.
Anyway . . . I guess I can move on to more vital information.
We are making it.
As I said . . . It is a little tight, but not as tight as I originally thought it would be.
I have been pleasantly surprised.
Not sure if I already wrote about the property we are on (and I am too lazy to go back and read previous posts), but the people who own the apartment live on 19 acres.
It is a kid's paradise.
Campfires, rope swings, trampoline, slides, dogs, cats, a horse (coming soon), and so on.
The inside is set up really well too.
Here is a look at the kitchen . . . really functional, but it doesn't take up too much room.
It is almost refreshing to be here if I am being completely honest (which I always try to be).
All five of us share one closet . . .
But it is kind of nice to only have a few choices in the morning when getting dressed.
Tim and I can't watch tv once the kids are in bed because their room is the pull out couch in the family room . . .
But it gives us time to talk and be with Lexi while the boys sleep.
We are further than I am used to from civilization . . .
But it forces me to stay home and just enjoy the kids and the outdoors more.
We don't have most of our "stuff" . . .
But it forces me to make due with what we do have (which is kind of like a game for me . . . seeing what I can accomplish without all the right "tools").
We are taking it day by day and finding joy in so many little things.
Although, in keeping with full disclosure, the "little" thing of no internet was easy to give up.
Glad to be back.

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  1. Yeah!! Welcome back. Glad to hear you all are doing well.