Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankgiving Memories

We were at Tim's parents house for Thanksgiving this year. 
It was a fun-filled holiday with lots of kids.
We ate dinner with Tim's mom and dad, and his sister's family which includes 4 boys.
My parents and sister were having dinner 20 minutes away at my aunt's house, so we all did dessert together as one extremely large group.
The more the merrier around here.
My mom and I made all the kids special Thanksgiving t-shirts to wear.
And here are the Bettelli kids modeling the goods . . .
No, no harm was done to the baby in the making of this picture.
Here is how little Lexi spent most of her day.
She was a perfect little angel all day and night.
We always participate in the Black Friday madness, and this year she had to tag along.
You know, since I am her all-hours buffet and everything.
She was a trooper.
We went out about 8:30 pm - came back to nap at 3:00 am - and then back out again from about 9:30am until 2:00 pm.
We basically finished all our shopping for the boys, so I considered it a success.
For all the black Friday haters out there . . . here is our perspective on it:
When else can you get that much shopping done in one night sans kids???
Tim and I pretty much consider it a date.
That is how desperate we are these days.
Moral of this blog is . . . don't knock it till you try it.
Oh, and . . . Happy Thanksgiving too!

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  1. The kids are getting big Lou. Lexi is SO cute! Happy Thanksgiving! :)