Tuesday, January 29, 2013

memory keeper

I decided to explain myself.
A blog may seem like a weird thing to some people.

Like . . . 
Why would someone want to post their thoughts out there for all to read?
Why would someone put pictures of their family on the internet like that?
Why would anyone think anyone else cares?
All those are valid reasons to call blogging "weird."
So why do I do it?
(Although I don't "do it" well or often enough)
I was reading another mom's blog post today about being the memory keeper for your kids.
I think this is where my blogging stems from.
How cool would it be for me to look back at things my mom wrote about our day to day when I was growing up.
Sure, we have pictures of the major holidays and occasions, but what about our daily going-ons?
Those have been lost in the shuffle.
I want to give this gift to my kids.
I want them to look back on the things they were doing with mommy.
The way mommy was thinking about life at different points.
Most of all I want them to see the many, many ways God worked in our family throughout different seasons.
His hands are always on us, and I want them to have a record of that.
Eventually I will make my blog into a printed book.
Kept forever for memories' sake.
And I hope they will laugh.
And cry.
At all the Bettelli memories we have made over the years.
(Even if the pictures for the last few months are from my iphone because our super nice camera is broken . . . the memories are important even then).

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