Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Strawberry Festival Happenings

I took a little three day break, and I am not sorry for it.
I forgot to take any pictures of my cooking last week, so I just decided to skip "recipe Monday" this week.
Sue me.
Anyways . . . we had a full weekend, and it ended with a little event called The Strawberry Festival.
Basically, a town about an hour away from us called Plant City throws a festival every year centered around the strawberry.
You can imagine the interesting people that attend this high-class event.
I am not judging because you will always see my behind there every. single. year.
I am not above a little downhome action for the best strawberry shortcake in the entire world (yes, I have had strawberry shortcake in many other countries, and Plant City wins the prize).
Yes, this is my children inside a giant strawberry with crowns on their head.
I know, classy.

Another favorite feature of this event is the chicken/rabbit exhibit that you can smell, I mean walk, through.
Always a highlight.

There are no words.

Kettle Corn Buddies

And keeping with the theme of the weekend, my mom bought George this totally ridiculous hat.

And then what is a festival without some sketchy rides . . .

So there you have it.

Our yearly excursion to a place that encompasses everything you could ever want in a festival.


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