Friday, March 2, 2012

Insta-Friday, Baby!

Insta-Friday again, Friends.
I say it every week, and I will say it again.
I love, love, love this concept from Life Rearranged.
life rearranged
Sharing our life through iphone pictures.

These were BOGO at the grocery store this week.
Dang it.

I love kid food.
I made all nine Bagel Bites that come in a package for my lunch on Wednesday.
I was seriously annoyed when George asked me to share with him, and I knew I had to.
You know, being a good example and all that.

Brag alert . . . you've been warned.
George got his first ever report card this week.
He was assessed on 62 different skills to make sure he was ready for kindergarten.
He scored the highest possible score on every single one.
I think he might be ready for college:)

My parents have always taken academics very seriously, so when George told them the good news about his assessment they decided a celebration dinner was in order.
My mom might have gone a little overboard in the "blow out a candle like it's your birthday" department.

All Ethan cared about were the cookies.

How cute are they?
The tallest and the shortest in the family holding hands.
Love it.



  1. I love Instagram! I don't know why I've never joined up with InstaFriday.. Maybe next week?!? Cute pics! I love the last one!

  2. Yaaaayyyy Georgie! He's brilliant. I'm saying this as a child educator. . . not just an obsessed aunt;)

  3. WHAT?! Bogo M&Ms?!? I know why you said "Dang it." HA