Sunday, December 4, 2011

Slacker/Salting Roses

Well, this holiday season is kicking my butt.
I am so busy, and I have forgotten to post quite a few times in the last few weeks.
I am going to finish out my Salting Roses posts today, and then I am taking a break from Sunday posts until the new year.
I will still post during the week, but weekends will be non-existent in blog land.
Don't cry too much.
Anyways, here are my final thoughts on the book:

Overall, I would say I liked it.

It definitely wasn't my favorite book, but I did like the ending, which always helps when saying I like a book as a whole.

Gracie and Sam finally got together . . . even engaged, which was a nice surprise.

My cons are still the same as they were throughout the novel . . .

The character development stunk.
Artie died.
The romance was just too drawn out.

Other than that, it was an easy read and a cute story.

Sometimes, that is all you can ask for in a book, ya know?

New book club read coming in January . . . stay tuned.

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