Friday, December 23, 2011

Peek into our Week

Insta-Friday again.
life rearranged
Linking up with the ladies at Life Rearranged.
Here is our week through the lense of my iphone.

George's Christmas gift to his teacher.
A travel cup with a Dunkin' Donuts gift card inside.

My cousin works for Disney, so he met us over there to hang out on Friday.
Here are the three ducks posing for a picture at our hotel.

Ethan wanted to party at dinner that night.
I guess he really liked the food.

After Disney we headed to Vero Beach for my nephew's birthday party.
Dr. Seuss was the theme . . . how cute are these decorations?

My mom and I made these Cat in the Hat shirts for all the boys to wear to the party.

We did our Christmas with Tim's side of family that night, and Ethan got the part of Santa Claus.

One of George's favorite foods is "chicken on the bone."
And he cleans that bone just like his father.
I find it a little disturbing, but who asked me?

One of our Advent activities this week was to make hot chocolate and Christmas cookies.
Here is George stirring the hot chocolate . . . all. by. himself.

We had some good friends come in town from Arkansas this week, and they took George for a boat ride.
This is what we do to celebrate Christmas in Florida.
80 degrees and sunny makes for perfect boating weather.

Play date with the same friend from Arkansas.

I adore morning snuggles.
Once I am awake, that is:)
I can't stand to have kids in my bed overnight, but once the morning hits there is nothing like these two faces smooshed into mine.
Pure Bliss.

Merry Christmas to all.
I won't be blogging this week because we are headed to North Carolina for vacation.
Don't miss me too much.


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  1. What a cute blog you have - and even cuter little boys! I also have two boys but they are a little older than yours. Merry Christmas to you and your family!