Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Simplicity is Key

I have talked a little about my second born, Ethan, on the blog.
He is a little bit of a wild man.
He is into everything and anything, and he likes to be entertained.
I am pretty much his main source of entertainment around here, especially when his brother is in school.
Obviously, I am always on the look out for ways to keep him busy. 
And I prefer things that can keep him busy for 30 seconds or longer.
Those things are hard to come by.
I saw a few ideas online the other day for sensory activities for toddlers.
I decided to try them out, and wouldn't you know it . . . he couldn't get enough.
They were so easy to put together using things I already had around the house.
Cheap and entertaining . . . get out of here.
I am sold.
I want to share these nuggets of wisdom with anyone out there who has a spirited toddler living in their home.
Here goes:
I used an old cool whip container (thanks to my mom who saves every single one) and a wipes container (Lord knows I have millions of those around my house).

For the cool whip container, just stab/cut five or so holes in the top . . . like so:

Then fill that puppy with those soft furry balls that you can get at any old craft store.

Now, dump out the balls and let the little one shove them back in through the holes.
Hours of entertainment I tell you.
And as if it could get any better . . . they are actually learning skills while they do it.

Disclaimer:  make sure your child is old enough to know not to put the balls in his/her mouth.

For the wipes container, I just tied a bunch of different fabrics together in little strips and filled the tub.

Again, hours of entertainment pulling the strips out and then putting them back in.
All. by. themselves.
They have such a look of accomplishment once they get it.

There you have it . . . easy ways to entertain.

Any other ideas?  Send them my way.


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