Friday, December 16, 2011

Insta-Friday 12-10 to 12-16

It's Friday again, just like last week.
life rearranged
Amazing how the days keep coming, faster and faster each week.
Here is what we've been up to through the lense of my iphone.

I am aware that I already posted about the Christmas musical at our church, but I just wanted to reiterate the fact that the cutest wise man in the universe was mine.

This is homeade macaroni and cheese. 
with broccoli.
And my four year old son told me it was his favoritest meal ever.
Bam, baby!

This is how Ethan helps me with the laundry.

These brothers crack me up.
They always want to be in the same place, so we obliged by putting them in a crib.

One advent activity for this week was go out to eat at a restaurant.
George chose the most expensive steak restaurant in our area.
I explained that that restaurant was too far away, ahem, and he needed to pick choice number 2.
That was McDonald's, go figure.
I enlisted daddy to take the boys himself, so I could get some "free" time to clean their room.
This picture was taken at the tail end of my hour long session.
I left the puzzles until last.
That bucket is filled with every last piece that I found in all the other piles I went through.
I plan on keeping the puzzles extra high from now on.
This is not an activity I wish to repeat anytime in the near future.

Tim and I finally got to go out for our anniversary (which was November 26) this week.
We had a groupon for a local hibachi restaurant that we used.
Although this may look sort of disgusting, let me assure you that this meal is worth every penny spent and every minute spent in the bathroom afterwards.

After dinner Tim took me for my first experience with Sephora.
I wanted some make-up for Christmas, so he let me have my pick that night.
This is a typical picture Tim would take of me.
I am always cracking up at him taking a dumb picture of me.

Ethan and I did some Christmas shopping this week.
While out I found him this perfect hat for our trip to North Carolina after Christmas.
Isn't he the cutest snow bunny?

Hope your week was as filled with joy as mine was.


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