Thursday, December 1, 2011

Inspiration Workshop - Holiday How To

This week's prompt from Gussy is "Holiday How-To."
Fun and fun.
I can't wait to read all the tips headed my way in the link-up.  You should check it out too.
Anywho, here is my tip.
Make an advent calendar for your kids.
There are so many ideas out there for different ways to use the advent calendar.
I chose to follow the variety that include activities and special somethings to go along with the countdown to Christmas.
What a neat way to experience the holiday season by taking out time each day to spend quality time with your family and recognize the truth behind Christ's birth.
I am doing an advent calendar for the first time this year.
George is four years old, so I thought he would really "get" it this year.
Here is my plan:
First, I made 25 bags with numbers on them to fill with three things.

Each bag holds a Bible verse that is part of the Christmas story.

They each hold a piece of candy (leftover Halloween candy finally being used).

And lastly, each bag holds a strip of paper stating an activity we will accomplish at some point in the day.

Done and done.

The hardest part of it all was coming up with 25 activities for us to do as a family.

I had to make sure it worked with our schedule and was something that was feasible for that day.

Today is your lucky day because I am going to list the activities I am using to give you a head start on putting this together yourself.

You can thank me later.

1. Read Luke 2:1-21

2. Play your favorite game as a family

3. Go pick out a Christmas tree for our house

4. Unwrap new ornament and put it on the tree

5. Decorate a Christmas card for Nouna and Papou & Mema and Pepa

6. Walk in Largo Central Park to see the Christmas lights

7. Decorate your room for Christmas

8. Buy Ms. Joellen a Christmas gift

9. Go out and buy sibling Christmas gifts

10. Sing a Christmas song

11. Christmas program at church

12. Go out to dinner at a restaurant

13. Read all our Christmas books

14. Make a Christmas craft with mom

15. Open and wear new jammies to bed

16. Go to Disney World

17. Go to Tate’s Birthday Party

18. Open new Christmas book and read it

19. Make Christmas cookies

20. Go look at Christmas lights

21. Drink hot chocolate and eat cookies

22. Open and put together a Christmas puzzle

23. Watch Mickey Mouse Scrooge Movie

24. Read The Night Before Christmas & Pick one present under the tree to open tonight (Christmas Eve)

25. Christmas Day – Read the Christmas story

I got all my supplies at Michael's if you are interested in copying this idea (that I totally copied from an idea on pinterest).  Just sayin'



  1. Those bags are super cute!

    New follower from Gussy :)

  2. Cute cute bags!!! Some great ideas on your list too!