Monday, February 27, 2012

Lobster for V-Day

I am aware that Valentine's Day was almost a week ago, but I never paid tribute to my husband and the wonderful meal he prepared for me.
And salad . . . but that was in a bowl not pictured.

I am actually not a huge lobster fan.

Everyone thinks I am crazy, but I have never once ordered lobster at a restaurant.

However, when I married Tim he introduced me to his specially prepared lobster.

It is absolutely delicious and always cooked perfectly.

In honor of him and his specialty, I decided to have him give my faithful readers his tips on making the perfect lobster.

Maybe you can impress your sweetie next Valentine's Day with this deliciousness.

Step 1:  Use a large knife to crack the middle of the shell in half and expose the meat.
Step 2:  Sprinkle Emerril's Essence on the meat.
Step 3:  Place small squares of butter in two or three places on the lobster meat.
Step 4:  Broil lobster on a foil lined pan until the meat turns light brown.  Usually it takes between 10 - 15 minutes.

That is it.

Can you believe how easy it is?

And totally delicious.

The meat is always cooked perfectly with no undercooked chewiness (that grosses me out).

You will thank me (well, maybe him) when you make this.


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