Friday, February 17, 2012

Insta-Friday, 2-17

Insta-Friday again, Friends.
life rearranged
I love these posts.
I know I will love looking back on our day to day activities in the future.
This was a big week.

Ethan loves to push around his stuffed animals.
It is so cute to watch him pretend.

We made a trip to Ikea last weekend.
Here is our little helper using his very large muscles.

I am obsessed with books about the Kennedy's.
Someone told me this one had something to do with JFK.
I started reading it, and although the JFK aspect is small, I am enjoying the novel as a whole.

This is Hannah Banana (that is not really her middle name, but it just flows, ya know?).
She was born on Monday to my BFF who lives in Charleston.
I wish I could hold her and kiss those cheeks right now.
Stephanie (the BFF) doesn't have any sisters and her husband doesn't either, so I have named myself favorite aunt.
I am sure Hannah won't mind.

I got to be a part of George's Valentine's party at preschool (and so did Ethan, obviously).
This is one of my favorite parts of being a stay-at-home mom.
I love participating in his daily activities.

While we were at George's school Ethan decided to be a big kid and lay down to read a book.

He even got a date on a carriage ride for Valentine's Day while we were there.

Another really good friend of mine had her baby on Wednesday.
This is Rocco Rae, and he is absolutely adorable.
Rikki (his momma) has come to visit me in the hospital with both my boys, and it was nice to return the favor.
I couldn't believe how little he was.
It seems like forever since mine were this small.

One of my friends had to do a little work dinner last night at a restaurant called Ocean Prime.
She needed a friend to accompany her, so I was happy to tag along.
The food was divine and the company even better.

The entire night was fun, but this peanut butter pie took it over the edge.
I have literally never put something so delicious in my mouth.

There you have it.
The Bettelli week in a nutshell.
Have a great weekend!


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