Friday, February 24, 2012

Insta-Friday 2-24-12, The Rat Edition

Insta-Friday, Friends.
life rearranged
This is probably my favorite post of the week.
I love going through my phone pictures to see all the moments that were captured.

Ethan's newest position on the couch.
I guess he wants to be a gymnast.

My mom and sis at a "Quilter's Luncheon" on Saturday.
My mom is the quilter.  Gina and I go for the food.

Flow Rider.

Lovin' his life at the hockey game.
While Papou looks up hockey rules on his iphone in the background.

Sushi and The Vow date with my main squeeze.

I love sleeping pictures.
Especially of this wild man.
It reminds me that he can be still.

Dead rat on our driveway.
Does it get anymore disgusting than that?
I guess it could have been in the house.
I probably would have died.

This is my view sitting on the couch every morning.
It doesn't get any better than that.



  1. Ewwww, dead rat!! I thought it was alive because...well, it kind of look alive. That's even grosser though, for sure.

    Stopping by from instaFriday!!

  2. Sushi dates are my favourite...wish I could go right this moment, actually!

  3. The rat would totally freak me out, eek! I really want to see The Vow, it looks amazing! I love sleeping pics too, they are precious!

  4. You and your mother and your sister are GORGEOUS!!! You look like a magazine. :) My hubby and I are having our very first "sushi" date ever...tonight! We can't wait. I said "sushi" because we're going to Naked Tchopstix and apparently everyone says that's not real sushi. But we're excited anyway. :) Oh my goodness...that rat! Ewww!!