Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's at the Bettelli's

I forgot to do a post on our Valentine's Day decorations earlier in the month, so I thought today would be perfect.
Here are the few festive things I did around our house to get us in the "love" mood.
The front doors.
$2.50 at Target . . . can't beat that!

The Kitchen Table.

Decorative Towels.

I made these cute mailboxes for each member of our family.
I got the idea from Emily at The Anderson Crew.

I bought candlesticks from the thrift store, painted them black and then gorilla glued them to the mailboxes I got in the dollar section at Target (and I stuck letter stickers to the front, obviously).

I put treats in them everyday from February 1st through Valentine's Day.

One day George asked me why no one was filling my mailbox.
I told him I didn't know.
He started putting his leftover candy in my mailbox and lifting the flag each day.
He is such a thoughtful little boy.

Lastly, I made these cute Valentine's for George to take to his class party.

They were super easy, as well.
I got the idea on the Family Fun website.
I just cut, glued, hole-punched and stuck pencils through.

I changed the saying as a tribute to one of my loves - New Kids on the Block.
Not that the four year olds in George's preschool will know who they are, but maybe when they bring them home their mothers will.
I had a good time with it, obviously.

Hope your Valentine's Day is as filled with love as mine is.


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