Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys

I only had one younger brother growing up.
That was basically my experience with young boys, and for whatever reason I just don't remember him getting hurt all that much when we were young.
My boys on the other hand seem to attract accidents like it's nobody's business.
It could be inherited from their mother who may or may not be accident-prone herself, but for the sake of today's title we will say it is a "boy" thing.
In the Bettelli house today alone we had three major events that were traumatic to say the least.
Number 1 -
Ethan looked like the Joker for the majority of the day.

Tim (being the wonderful man that he is) basically takes on morning duty with the kids every. single. day.

He gets up when they get up.  Feeds them.  Even dresses them most days.

This allows me a good 45 minutes to an hour of extra bed time.

I love my bed.

Anyways, as he leaves each morning for work he comes into our room and kisses me to make sure I know the kids will now be unattended until I get my (I don't want to say lazy, but) lazy behind out of bed.

I usually wait approximately 3 to 5 minutes to come out and face the music (or the children in this case).

Well, this morning in that interim time my youngest decided to find a permanent red marker and draw a joker like line on his face.

That puppy did not want to come off, and I know George's preschool teachers were just astounded at my awesome mother skills when Ethan gave them a big, toothy, joker grin at drop-off.

Moving on . . .

Number 2-
I have no picture for this one, but it involves Ethan (again, big surprise).

When we got home from drop-off at the preschool he managed to trip over his own feet and bust his lip wide open.

It bled for a good 10 minutes, but he only cried for about thirty seconds.

I guess he figured the joker needs to be tough.

And, Number 3 -
George is the victim in this one.

And there he is with his frozen corn on the wound.

While getting out of the bathtub tonight he slipped and fell into the metal tracks that hold the shower doors.

He has a large (huge, enormous, gigantic - pick one) bruise and knot on his leg.

He busted his leg, chin, chest and foot all in one swoop.

So . . . question is . . .

Are my kids typical boys?

Or is this my genetic clutz-like traits being carried on in another generation?

You be the judge.


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  1. First I have to say, my husband does the SAME THING for me and I am oh so very thankful AND you have given me such encouragement because sometimes I feel guilty and lazy. What is that all about?! I'm dumb. HA!

    Second, our son does stuff like that all the time, too! He never pays attention, that's what I blame it on.