Thursday, February 9, 2012

The one with my bro

Participating in Embrace the Camera this week.
Emily over at The Anderson Crew does a weekly link-up that challenges moms to get in front of the camera.
My picture this week is of myself, my brother, and my oldest, George.
It was taken on my birthday last week, and I love the way our faces are smooshed together.
My brother lives in Tallahassee, so we don't get to see him often enough.
It was so fun to have him and his wife here for my special day.

Everyone says my brother and I look alike.

You be the judge.



  1. Yep, you do! And that's a great picture. :)

  2. ha, before i read your last line i was thinking "goodness, they look so much alike!"

    great picture...glad you joined us!