Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Semester - Check!

So, tonight I had my last class in my first semester as a graduate student.
In one sense I can't believe I actaully started and finished an entire semester, and in another sense it went by so quickly that I haven't even had time to process it.
As I reflect on the two classes I completed, I have a few thoughts.
First, I can't believe I did so well.  This isn't to pat myself on the back, but 2 A's is a pretty good accomplishment in my book.
Second, the adult conversation has been a life-saver.  It totally fulfills my desire for intelligent conversation that makes me feel like I use my brain.
Thirdly, I could never have done it without my husband.  I appreciate him everyday, but this semester has caused my appreciation to soar.
Example . . . tonight when I got home he had one out of two kids bathed (quite the accomplishment).
He had a delicious, hot dinner ready for us to eat together.
He was happy to see me, instead of the crazy look I usually give him when he gets home and I have been with the kids all day.
All in all, I think I like graduate school.
It has been an adventure so far, and I am so grateful for the opportunity my dad has given me to persue something I never actually thought would happen.
Here is my encouragement to you . . . take a risk.
Start something you never thought you would accomplish.
You may enjoy it more than you ever thought you would.

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