Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Day in pictures

I am warning you now.
This post is heavy, and I mean heavy with pictures.
This was our first full day with an exciting new camera, so we may or may not have gone a little overboard in the picture department.
Then again, can you ever really go overboard when it comes to pictures of your precious babies?
You be the judge.

Our makeshift fireplace to hang stockings.

And it begins . . .

I can't get enough.

Ethan decided Rudolph was his favorite Christmas story this year.

George got to "shop" for his family at school this year.
He picked out the sweetest gifts and was more excited than I have ever seen him to give them to each of us.
I got this very expensive diamond ring as seen on my pinky because that is the only finger it would even begin to fit on.

Daddy got a tape measure.

A practical gift for Ethan.

The $15 Huffy bike we scored at a garage sale.

The aftermath.

The process of . . .

getting this cute picture.
There is always a process, you know.

Church on Christmas morning.

Daddy and I at Christmas brunch.

Nouna's present from George.

Christmas dinner.

Aunt Gina, her beau, and my kids.

The good-looking couple once again.


Ethan really liked the Tom's my sister got me.

And that about wraps up Christmas Day.

I am very upset that I didn't get pictures of either spread of food from brunch or dinner.

I am still new at this blogging thing, so I forget pertinent pictures all the time.

Forgive me.

I assure you the food was divine, and the company was even better.

Up next . . . vacation in the mountains.


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  1. That is one FANCY ring! What a sweet boy you have! Tim's tape measure is pretty awesome too! Glad you guys enjoyed your holidays. Awesome pictures. Keep them coming! :)