Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas revisited, starting with Eve

So, I am just going to go ahead and tell you up front that we are dedicating this week to pictures.
Pictures of Christmas Eve today.
Pictures of Christmas Day tomorrow.
Pictures of vacation the rest of the week.
Sorry if this bores you, but . . .
I got a new camera this year.
And I want to show off not only its capabilities, but my beautiful family as well.
If you hate this, then you can pick back up on regular programming next week.
Here goes nothing.
The camera was a family present from my wonderfully generous parents, so we didn't have it in our possession until Christmas Eve night.
These pictures were all taken with our old camera, so it will be fun to compare pics with tomorrow's post.

This is the only picture I have of the four of us all dressed up for the Christmas Eve church service.
I think we looked pretty cute.

Aunt Gina loves her some Ethan.
Not sure if the feelings are mutual.

George with his one of too many presents that night.

One by blood and one by marriage.

The people I have been doing Christmas with my entire life.
Love each one of them immensly, and don't know what I would do without them.

The hubs.
I hate when people use that slang word, but it just seemed so appropriate this time.

Papou with the second generation.
They were reading a pop-up version of The Night Before Christmas.

Don't worry, I saved the best for last.
Because I care about you.
And obviously don't care one bit about embarrassing myself.

Christmas Eve was stellar.
As usual.
My family knows how to do it up right.


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