Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Big Boy

Linking up and Embracing my camera today.

A picture of my oldest and I

He is such a doll.

He is the type of child every parent dreams about.

I know I am his mother, so you think I am biased. 
Ask anyone who knows him.

His teachers have told me.
His Sunday school teachers have told me.
Friends of ours always comment.

He truly is a joy to raise.

But that isn't why I love him.

He is the one who made me a mom.

No one can ever take that place in my heart except him.

He started my journey on the road that is altogether lovely and difficult all the time.

He showed me what it meant to love unconditionally and for all time.

He is my first born, and I can't imagine a better one.

I love you, sweet George.

Keep up the awesomeness that is you.



  1. What a great photo and an awesome kiddo!

  2. Sooooo....I bought someone a present today. I think that's someone might be you. Get excited. :)

    1. I am so excited I can barely stand it. You can start checking your mail as well. Good things are coming your way:)

  3. Love the black and white! Thanks for sharing!