Friday, January 27, 2012

Insta-Friday, January 27

Another round of pictures courtesy of my iphone.
life rearranged
Here is what we have been up to this week.

Loaded up the kiddos (plus one) and shopped till we dropped.
An older couple felt really sorry for me and asked to walk around with the kids for while.
They seemed nice enough, but . . . I am not quite ready to just let my kids go with any old stranger.
Thanks for the offer, though.

On Sunday Tim took the kids to a birthday party, and I had a meeting at church.
I came home to a quiet house and made myself this delicious lunch.
Nothing like a fried egg with yolk to dip.

Daddy and Ethan were napping, so George and I took advantage of the time and played some football.

Love the after bath, ready for bed look.

Took the babies to the park.
This was the best pic I could get of the two of them.

Brought this snack to Bible study on Tuesday night.
I like to call it "Taco Awesomeness."
You would call it that too if you tasted it.

Ethan likes to help unload the dishwasher.
This is yet another reason why I hardly ever use it.

Funny story time:
I was at the produce market on Wednesday and had Ethan in my arms.
I was trying to carry around him and our fruits and veggies, while he tried (almost successfully) to jump out of my arms.
He was wiggling and screaming, and I was laughing like I wasn't embarrassed.
Finally I was checking out, and all of a sudden he went completely still and silent.
I looked at him, and he had grabbed a strawberry right out of the bucket.
He was chomping down on the unwashed berry, green stem and all.
And you know what . . . I just kept giving them to him until I was done cause that boy became a new baby.
Happy and compliant as can be.
I am not afraid to use some dirty fruit to bribe my children into acting like they are well-behaved.

George drew this in school this week.
I guess it is our family plus one of his friends.
He has been practicing writing his name.
Looks like he won't have the best hand-writing.

I got bangs  . . EEK!

Another great week on the books.



  1. I bribe my kids with food sometimes too. It's ok; I hear all the cool moms are doing it.

  2. Tao awesomeness does look pretty awesome! :D